When someone from a small country like Czech Republic makes it among the world top in music industry, it is then considered a real miracle. But such things happen occasionally from time to time. The renowned LadyDee Jane, in her own name Lucia Silverio, is the solid, unquestionable proof thereof.
LuxuryGURU | 31.1.2015


My professional career of the past 19 years has been the one fully dedicated to the dance music.

As LayDee Jane performs in the most prestigious clubs, famous festivals and music events worldwide.

I have played in most of the European countries, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa or Vietnam. As part of the Asia Tour 2008 I presented myself in China, Singapore and Malaysia as well.

For three years I have regularly performed at the legendary club Amnesia in Ibiza, which in my line of work is perceived as one of the highlights of the imaginary.

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Are you interested in buying my sets of professional quality? Follow me on DJ Beatport

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